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Costco coming soon to Lafayette.


Costco is coming soon to Lafayette! The large retailer has already opened a location in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, so it is now time for Lafayette to get hers. I just called Lafayette a her, interesting. Not sure what Costco is? It is kind of like a Sam’s Club, but I believe larger and from what I hear, pays better. The location for the new development called Ambassador Town Center, will be located at the corner of Ambassador and Kaliste Saloom Road. If you are familiar with that area, it is the larger area of land behind the Sonic & McDonald’s. (Photo below shows where the center will be located)20140522-201856-73136945.jpg20140522-203738-74258041.jpg
There are also other popular businesses that may accompany Costco, such as: Field & Stream, a 2nd Panera Bread, Chuy’s & several others that will be mentioned in the future. I hope this has made your day, because I have been waiting a long while to share this. I had to “act” like it didn’t know anything about it.

Now share the heck out of this!!! 🙂




Inside image by © BrokenSphere / Wikimedia Commons.

Partial credit goes to Abiz for knowledge of the 2nd Panera Bread,Chuy’s & the name of the center.

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