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Cookies, Delivered


Recently, a new company called Cookie Caravan launched and it has my tastebuds jumping off of my tongue! They are a cookie delivery service that bakes them up fresh & warm and delivers to your door within a day. Cookies are a great gift for nearly any occasion, but sometimes those grocery store cookies just do not do it. And if you’re anything like myself, I’d rather have someone else do the hard work – #generationalflaw. The Cookie Caravan has made our young fragile minds able rest easy knowing that all we have to do is click a few buttons, and cookies. The Cookie Caravan has expressed interest in a store front in the future. Their website has a menu of all of their cookies available, and they ask that you give them 24 hours to fill the order. The turnaround time is to ensure that they are able to provide quality cookies that are warm & fresh. They will also rush an order, if needed. For more info, see their website https://www.cookieslafayette.com & facebook https://www.facebook.com/thecookiecaravan/



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