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Coney Island Pizza Cones & Ice Cream in the Acadiana Mall


A new restaurant called, ConeY Island – Pizza Cones & Ice Cream, is opening in the Acadiana Mall, near Victoria’s Secret.

They are officially opening tomorrow, October 18th.

We don’t know much about this new company, except for what is said up above. However, the sound of pizza in a cone has my stomach growling as if some hangry monster is caged up inside of me.

There are no social media pages or websites for ConeY Island, yet. That’s how new they are.

So what is a pizza cone? Well, the photo below should explain it perfectly.

Photo courtesy of blessthisstuff.com

Another view of the ConeY Island kiosk. Photo courtesy of Acadiana Mall.

Up close shot of their logo. Photo(s) courtesy of Lafayette Food Junkie.

Below are photos of the concept renderings for this new business.

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