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Completeful.com, Local Custom Product Drop Shipper Taking Former Northside Walmart Supercenter


A local custom product drop shipper, namely Completeful.com, is combining all three of their current Lafayette facilities into one location inside of the former Walmart Supercenter in the Northside of Lafayette.

Currently, the company is headquartered out of 3136 NE Evangeline Thruway, south of Lowe’s near Carencro.

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The move will allow Completeful to take advantage of the 228,000 square foot former Walmart space and to grow beyond their current 100 employee workforce with an additional 100 employees. The company will hire up to nearly 500 total employees during peak seasons.

Josh Goree, Completeful’s founder, started the company about 5 years ago as a direct to consumer sales company. “I tried doing this myself and it just felt like I would never be able to do everything I wanted,” says Goree. “So I decided to move into fulfillment and teach/recruit others to do the sales.”

So what is Completeful, really? If you’re a creative person looking to sell your work or want to create a product line without any upfront capital, Completeful can help. They have the ability to customize many unique products for resell with your own designs, logos, messages, and more by simply creating an account and integrating Completeful.com to your Shopify or Etsy account. From there, Completeful handles the mock ups, fulfillment, and shipping. As an online store owner, you are only charged by the company at the time a product is sold on your online store’s website. Pretty cool, right!? And this company is a locally founded company, not some Silicon Valley startup.

“We are hoping to grow as much as we can and help bring tech companies into the area by using some of the space as an incubator,” says Goree when asked what their hopes are for this move.

In choosing the Northside of Lafayette, Josh states “The building is just perfect for what we need and we were able to get it at a discount. I think this will be a good step in developing the north side area.”

Completeful will begin the move into the former Northside Walmart space tomorrow, Tuesday, May 17th, and are tentatively to be up and running a full capacity before June 15th.

If you’re wanting to check out Completeful for yourself as a creative business opportunity, visit https://completeful.com and click sign in to create an account then install the app into your preferred online store software.

If you’re looking to be part of the 100 new employees of Completeful, then check out their indeed listings at https://www.indeed.com/jobs?q=completeful&l=Lafayette%2C+LA.

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