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Interested in finding out the next social event or wanting to plan an event? A new social planner site just went live today called “Checkmyplanner.com“. The site is designed to provide event locations, times, who’s attending and even photos of the event as it unfolds. The concept of a planner or events calendar isn’t new. However, this locally birthed social project uses an interesting concept based around terms that are common in the nightlife scene. The 3 tiered memberships are as such: Movers, Shakers & Superstars.

The “Mover” account level is a free level and basically allows a follower to keep up with events and if they wish they also have the ablity to post an event. There is also the “Shaker” which is the 2nd tier level at a cost of $200 a year that allows for a little more event sharing ablities and ways to connect your business more. The “Superstar” account is the highest level at a cost of $300 a year and this one allows you to advertise as well as do all the things the lower tiers can do but on unlimited terms. All the accounts come with an anaylitics viewer so that you can see who all is viewing or going to an event you posted.

The owner of the site would also love feedback and suggestions on how to make the site better and work more effectively for your social events.
He can be contacted via email at checkmyplanner@live.com

You can follow Checkmyplanner.com on facebook as well at https://www.facebook.com/Checkmyplanner





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