Checking Out The Dog Stop


We’re giving away a great prize from The Dog Stop on our facebook page that’s worth $500 in Day Care at The Dog Stop. So I figured that it would be a great idea to bring you guys up to speed on what The Dog Stop is about. 

The Dog Stop is one of the newest doggie day care & groomers in South Lafayette. They are located at 103 Turn Row, off of Pinhook. Their facility is pretty big and they have solid fencing to help minimize stress. Another great feature about them is that they have cameras throughout the facility so you can check up on your dog. 

Check out some of the bullet points below. 

Benefits of Dog Daycare:  

  •  Helps Socialize Dogs 
  •  Exercise for dogs to help maintain a healthy weight & stay active
  •  Dogs are pack animals by nature and rarely get to be in a pack 
  •  Helps with boredom at home, separation anxiety, and acting out. 
  • Stimulating environment makes your dog happy, playing with other people and dogs 

The Facility: 

  • 10,000 SqFt
  • Vinyl Fencing helps with maintaining separate play areas 
  • Trained Dog Care Companions 
  • No Chain Link Fence 
  • Doggie Cameras 
  • Full Retail Section – Grain Free Dog Food

 Here are some photos of The Dog Stop


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