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Chadley’s Fine Meats & Deli


Located at 3227 West Pinhook Road. A new speciality place by the name of Chadley’s Fine Meats & Deli will soon serve Sandwiches, Deli products & even offer Deer Processing. Not something you see too often around Lafayette. Mainly just out in the country area where I grew up did I ever see wild game processing. They are currently processing deer now but their lunch side should be opening around the December month. You will also be able find Smoked meats such as Ham, Chicken, Turkey, Brisket & More! Their “twist” on sandwiches is that you are able to order as much meat that you want and paying by weight. Chadley’s has many more specialty foods up their sleeves but I’ll leave you to find that out on your own. Please check out their website and facebook for more info.





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