Downtown Lafayette

CGI is now settled in Downtown


CGI, the IT firm out of Montreal, has settled in their new space in Downtown. Their building is located at 221 Jefferson Street, across from The Lemoine Company. There is also another part of CGI being built on Cajundome Boulevard, see post (here). It’s an exciting time in Lafayette for our growth in the technology sector. We have been called the Silicon Valley of the south, which is a pretty bold statement, considering many big tech companies reside in Silicon Valley California. I won’t go into naming any, but you should at least know a couple. The future is bright for Acadiana, something you don’t often hear with the state of the Oil field. But, you have to stay positive and look ahead. As the great Joe Dirt said, “Life’s a garden, dig it, you make it work for you, you never give up.” (video). 


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