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Cavenders Boot City Walk Through


I figured I would visit Cavenders Boot City and see what it is all about. I grew up in the country so the smell of leather is already very familiar to me but man. This place smells like LAAAHEEATHERRRR! <- Misspelled on purpose. Moving on, I really do like the store though. It reminds me of a restaurant with the the way the outside of the building looks. A lot of other thinks that as well so I know I am not crazy. After going inside and seeing just how big this place was, I begin to realize why the name "Boot City" was in the title. There is boots, boots and more boots, plus your apparel and different accessories but the boots are what attracted me. I don't where boots but after seeing some of the styles and different materials of the boots I kind of wanted a pair. However, I still pass on boots. So if you are near the Acadiana Mall in Lafayette I would check it out. There is of course a few really great small western stores in Lafayette that carry many of the same great things. It is your choice. Go shopping!

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