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Brynn & Maia’s, A New Southern Gourmet Restaurant To Open On Pont des Mouton & University


Brynn & Maia’s, a southern gourmet-style restaurant specializing in catered & “to geaux” services, will soon open in the former Sis. Harvey space at 2700 N University Avenue & Pont des Mouton.

My children motivated and inspired me to pursue my own business.

— Keyla Jones, owner.

The business, named after the owner’s two daughters Brynn & Maia, will feature local favorites on the menu like shrimp and grits, seafood egg rolls, and creole stuffed bread.

I can’t wait to continue serving our area. I’ve been in business for 6 years now, and this is a new venture on my journey

— Key

“I come from a family of phenomenal cooks. My grandmother passed on her gift to most of her children and grandchildren. I grew to love cooking when I saw how joyful people are to have a great meal.”

A tentative opening date is set for March 2020.

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