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Broussard’s Hebert’s Boudin & Cracklins Relocates to Breaux Bridge


Hebert’s Boudin & Cracklins has literally relocated their business’ building from Broussard to Breaux Bridge, literally.

The actual building for Hebert’s was carefully lifted, and transported 25 miles down da road, cher. The new address is 2013 Rees Street in Breaux Bridge, across from Walmart, and Wendy’s. The heavy lifting was performed by Hayes House Moving & Leveling.

The owner, Lynwood Hebert, told me that the move from Broussard to Breaux Bridge happened due to the slower oil field traffic. Also, the road that Hebert’s was located had been converted to a one-way in August of 2017, which didn’t do their business any favors.

The company is using this opportunity to test out the market in Breaux Bridge in hopes of building a new, larger location there. As for the Broussard area, Lynwood stated that he plans to open a new Hebert’s Boudin & Cracklins in the same location, but wouldn’t be doing so until possibly late 2019. The reason is that he hopes, by then, the oil field will be on the up & up.

Check out the Hebert’s Boudin & Cracklins website at hebertsboudin.com. They have several area locations.

Photos in this post are courtesy of Hebert’s, and Hayes Moving Company.

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