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Boscoyo Baking Company, A New Local Artisan Whole Grain Sourdough Bread Company


A new handcrafted, artisan sourdough bread company, called Boscoyo Baking Company, is officially open for business at 117 Westmark Boulevard Suite 100 in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Boscoyo Baking Company, a small-scale artisan bakery, first opened near the end of October with little to no press coverage aside from their own social media. But that’s about to change, because we are writing about them, bebe!

Fun Fact: Boscoyo is a Cajun French term for the Cypress Tree Knee (Rounded Above Ground Roots of native Cypress Trees).

Founded by locals Chris & Haley, they are committed to producing high-quality, handcrafted whole grain sourdough breads with aims of elevating the artisanal bread experience in Acadiana.

Chris, an Ascension Parish native began baking bread in 1998 in Austin, TX. This ultimately led him to spend the last two decades baking bread in Portland, OR where he became head baker for various renowned bakeries in the city. This experience provided to him invaluable opportunities for growth and a deeper connection to the history, culture and values associated with the trade of artisan baking. In 2011, he met Oregon native by the name of Haley inside of a, you guessed it, a bakery! Haley, who has a rich background in bread and pastry, began professionally in 2009 where she developed a real passion & curiosity for the craft. Her experience has led her in positions as head baker and pastry chef for years in many of Portland’s most beloved bakeries and restaurants. Together, the duo developed a deep creative connection that has grown and blossomed into a relationship where both feel led to birth the baby that is Boscoyo Baking Company.

Boscoyo Baking Company stands out with its commitment to time-honored baking techniques, using stone-milled organic wheat and grains in a meticulous process that includes 24-72 hours of fermentation and perfect baking in an Italian hearth oven with steam injection.

At the heart of Boscoyo’s philosophy is the art of long, slow fermentation, resulting in a range of breads that are not only tasty & versatile but also contribute to digestion and nutrient absorption. Embracing simplicity, their breads feature primary ingredients—flour, salt, water, and levain—avoiding dough conditioners, additives, or preservatives to let natural flavors shine through.

Some of their breads include, the Pain de Campagne, their take on the French “country” bread. Made with Yecora Rojo whole wheat and Wren’s Abruzzi heirloom rye flour, and naturally fermented with our sourdough culture for 36 hrs and finished with a bold bake resulting in a deep russet crust and tender interior.

Another unique bread is the the Méteil, a classic bread from the Auvergne region of France that dates back to the 18th century. Boscoyo’s version is made up of 50% whole grain Spelt flour, 50% whole grain Abruzzi Rye flour, and a toasted rye crumb soaker. They use a 3-stage, 36 hour fermentation process that creates a nutritional, flavorful bread with great texture and complexity.

Lastly, their Sourdough “t’fer” pretzel is a classic, naturally leavened Bavarian pretzel that is shaped to resemble the t’fer or cajun triangle, a symbol of Acadiana culture.

When we visited Boscoyo to learn more about them, they sent us home with some bread to try, including the mentioned breads above. But they also sent us home with a fresh baguette and y’all, I about finished that entire thing in the car before ever getting home with it! It was the most intriguing and tasteful baguette I’ve ever had. I also didn’t eat lunch that day, so that probably didn’t help with my obsession with it on the drive home!

For more information, visit boscoyobaking.com. You can also follow Boscoyo on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/boscoyobakingco and on IG at https://www.instagram.com/boscoyobakingco.

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