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Bon Temps Grill Is Expanding


Bon Temps Grill is one of Lafayette’s favorite restaurants is expanding to the Oil Center at 317 Heymann Blvd. The new location is named Bon Temps Grill Express and will be a quick serve counter style restaurant. They will serve many of their local favorite dishes, including the bread pudding! Bon Temps Grill’s Cajun Fusion style cuisine is a nice change from the typical food that too many places try to emulate. Plus, if you have never tried their bread pudding, wow, that stuff is the best! It converted my wife into a bread pudding fan and for that, I am grateful.

F.Y.I, 317 Heymann is where Ready Fit Meals was previously.

Check out their website and facebook for more info. https://www.bontempsgrill.com/IMG_9597.JPG


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