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BJ’s Pizza House In Lafayette Renovating To Reopen Under New Ownership


BJ’s Pizza House, located at 2484 W Congress Street in Lafayette, LA, is undergoing a complete renovation after a group of local investors, who we will call ‘The Dough Joes,’ acquired the business. Their goal is to keep the tradition alive in the community.

Having been a part of the Lafayette community for over 40 years, BJ’s Pizza House recently announced a closure that sparked a large response from the community to show their support. Taking notice of the support, The Dough Joes banded together to see BJ’s Pizza House revived as the staple that it has become.

The Dough Joes tells us that they remember BJ’s in its prime during college and want to be a part of keeping such a tradition in Lafayette around for future generations to experience and enjoy.

Photo sourced: BJ’s Pizza House Facebook

Renovations to BJ’s Pizza House include some necessary updates, but the nostalgic charm of the business will remain intact! An important factor to the local investor group. The recipes are also not changing! Recognizing that the product is solid, The Dough Joes knew not to change that. What they are changing, however, is converting the concept from counter-pay to a full-service restaurant and adding beer & cocktails to the menu.

The prior owner, Kamal Borchalli, who has owned BJ’s for over 20+ years, will be back as part of the transition team. He will assist the new owners in ensuring that both the recipes and products are where they need to be for future success.

Tentatively, BJ’s Pizza House of Lafayette is set to reopen at the beginning of 2024.

You can follow BJ’s Pizza House on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/bjspizzalafayette?mibextid=LQQJ4d.

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