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Big Plans for Louisiana Avenue at I-10


2017 UPDATE: The plans are still current, but nothing has progressed as of now. Super 1 Foods is to have purchased land North I-10, but that’s all we have for now.

Last week, some big news was leaked about some growth plans for the Louisiana Avenue at I-10 area. If you live around or visit that area on a regular basis, you’ve probably noticed a few small things. One being the light at the exit ramp. Why is the light here significant? Well, it is going to come in handy for when all of the extra traffic comes for the new Super 1 Foods that is planned for La Ave. that’s right, Super 1 Foods along with Race Trac(link) and a huge 40,000 square foot restaurant and retail space is coming to Louisiana Avenue at I-10. All of this news was mentioned at a State of North Lafayette Address with Councilman Kenneth Boudreaux. There are many more big things expected to take place here in the next couple of years, perhaps even a Hotel! Keep a look out for more developments happening here and everywhere.

Thanks to the Community Chronicles for this valuable information. Check out our section in their paper!

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