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Bath & Body Works in North Lafayette Opens This Weekend


The new Bath & Body Works, located at 3001 Louisiana Avenue Suite #104, is opening this weekend!

Officially opening this Friday, July 14th, 2023, this new Bath & Body Works location will be the second location in the Lafayette area. The first is the obvious location inside of the Acadiana Mall, which is NOT closing!

The new Bath & Body Works will feature a similar square footage size as the mall location but with longer hours and a dedicated online pickup space.

Not sure about you guys but, the ladies around us have been going feral ever since the news came out about this new Bath & Body Works location. Though, as a dude, I do be grabbing my own candles and soaps from time to time.

We asked our contact with the store if there will be any specials for the opening but nothing beyond what the brand already promotes regionally & nationally. But you best best when this 3-wicks go on sale we are there!

Lastly, this is just a personal gripe but, the signage not being centered is KILLING ME! However, I get why it is the way it is due to not taking the whole space and leaving enough room for the other future tenants, but geez, you guys could have taken the whole space and centered up!

Here is their website,

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