Local Expansion

Apple Pie Repair Moving Into Larger Facility


A local mom-and-pop electronics repair shop called, Apple Pie Repair, is poised to become the largest iPhone repair shop in the country!

Apple Pie, and their sister companies, will soon be under one new roof located at 3804 Johnston Building 1. This 7500 square foot two-story building will be the hub of all things Apple Pie.

Apple Pie Repair’s HQ is currently located at 4519 Johnston Street on the corner of Camellia near Classic Auto Spa. The reason for the move? Apple Pie has outgrown everything! They do much much more than your typical run-of-the-mill shop. Some of their services include mobile device repair, TV repair and computer repair. However, I bet you didn’t know that they also run Apple Pie Media, and Midnight Moon Vintage & Modern Event Rentals.

Apple Pie Media is a wedding and event photography & videography firm. Midnight Moon is a wedding and event furnishing firm that provides both modern & vintage pieces for that special look.

Check out Apple Pie and their other services below.




The building that will soon be Apple Pie.

Apple Pie current store front.

This is a real old school phone booth in their retail store. How cool?!

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