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Ambassador Town Center Layout


I’ve got something super special for you guys. Would you like to know how the Costco anchored development in Lafayette is proposed to look? I actually have my hands on some quality documents for this development. This layout is unconfirmed, so all business names except for Costco have been blurred out. My main reason for wanting to share this layout is to show how traffic would work. If you look at the photos I have collected, you can see that there is a traffic circle/roundabout as well as several roads run through the development. This will help with the reduction of traffic at the Ambassador/Kaliste Saloom intersection by around 10-15%, which would be great! One thing I love about this proposed plan is that it is going to help the businesses that are already on that corner, or at least I think so. I am not a developer nor do I care to be, but this is where I would want to be if I were a consumer business.

I hope you have enjoyed my thoughts and I hope you enjoy the photos.

Partial credit for some info goes to Abiz. Thanks to my other sources too, you know who you are. 🙂





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