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ALDI at Louisiana Avenue & I-10 | Update


EDIT: ALDI’s website stated an opening date of August 17th, 2022, but that has since been removed from their website. So now the opening date is TBD. But honestly, it’s close. We will update you guys when we know the true date.

The new ALDI grocery store at Louisiana Ave. & I-10 is coming along quick quick. Like, they open next month, according to their website quick.

If you haven’t heard about ALDI in Lafayette yet, then you just woke up from a 3 year coma and you need to be caught up.

Basically, ALDI is a discount grocery chain that specializes in their own privately labeled products that rival the big, well-known brands. It’s like if Walmart gave the middle finger to everyone else and sold only Great Value. But ALDI doesn’t stop at saving you money just by selling private labeled products. They also have strategically reduced labor costs by encouraging guests to return their buggies(carts) by charging $0.25, which you get back when returned, and various other methods of cost savings that are ultimately passed down to you, the customer.

There have been lots of good and some mixed negatives about ALDI, but mostly good and we align with the good. Though, we did buy bananas once from there and they took a month to go from green to yellowish. Not sure what that was about, but there is a whole thing about it on the internet. Other than that, their stuff is good and affordable!

As for the Louisiana Avenue location, it is scheduled to open to the public August 17th, 2022.

For more about ALDI and to see inside of the South Lafayette store, see this link

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