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Accelerate Acadiana Startups | 2017


When it comes to startups, Lafayette has a few that have made waves that have stretched out much farther than our area. We also have a few startups that completed the first Accelerate Acadiana program and have the potential to create even larger waves.


The first is PLATE, an app that curates all of the nearby food & drink specials in your neck of the woods. This app is in its infancy but has a simple user interface that allows for quick navigation and most importantly, quick access to specials that you may find interesting. Prior to PLATE, you most likely just thumbed through several of your favorite restaurants’ facebook pages in hopes of finding that two-for-one deal. You shouldn’t need to do that when PLATE has already done the hard work for you.

How did PLATE get started? Well, when two broke college kids were on the search for a Lafayette experience that didn’t break the bank, the idea was born. Put all that Lafayette has to offer in the form of specials in one place.

See the PLATE website –

CPR Connect

CPR Connect, formerly known as CPR 2 Geaux, is a minority-owned mobile CPR & Basic First Aid training company. Starting in 2011, the company was started as a means to financial security, but most importantly, a means to help businesses & individuals become trained in CPR in the event of a medical emergency. The training is affordable and scheduled at the clients’ convenience.

CPR Connect was able to go through the Accelerate Acadiana program and complete a re-brand, followed by a transition to a new business model with plans to scale.

See the CPR Connect website –


Correxercise is an app company developed to help those who are exercising the wrong way. Many people, myself included, have attempted an exercise that we later find that we were doing wrong. Sometimes, doing an exercise incorrectly can cost you severe pain or injury. Correxercise helps eliminate the worry of doing it wrong, by showing you how to do it right via illustrated outlines on your device.

At the end of the Accelerate program, Correxercise now plans to be the resource tool for various clients and healthcare industries, and professionals.

See the Correxercise website –

Short & Fat

Let’s be honest, in Louisiana, there are plenty of vertically-challenged men out there with short arms and fat necks. So when you, the short & fat guy, go shopping for dress shirts—we bet that you don’t expect to love the shirt that you’re about to try on. Well, a company, called Short & Fat has finally made steps to solving this issue for many men in the world. Their dress shirts are custom designed with a combination of wider necklines, shortened sleeves, and wider torsos. All of this to help those men that are horizontally blessed feel more comfortable & confident in their dress shirts. Check out their cheeky video below.

See the Short & Fat website –

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