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Acadiana Barber Company Relocates To Youngsville


A well-known barbershop, called Acadiana Barber Company(ABC), has relocated to Youngsville at the Shops at Waterview.

Previously located in Lafayette’s River Ranch, ABC saw an opportunity to benefit the business by relocating to 101 Prescott Blvd in Youngsville. The new space is a bit smaller than the Lafayette location, but it’s a little more intimate in all manliness of the word.

Acadiana Barber Company upholds a family friendly environment which families can enjoy while even their little ones get their ears lowered.

According to Acadiana Barber Company, they are one of the few barbershops in Youngsville. Which makes the move even that much more attractive for the local Barber.

Below is a snippet of Acadiana Barber Company’s mission statement—

Acadiana Barber Company provides traditional barbering services specifically designed for men’s grooming needs. We offer a comfortable friendly and professional environment for your superior haircut. There are various additional services such as scalp massages, shampooing, and exquisite straight razor shaves. Our essential focus is to recapture the highest standards which were once associated with the Barber Industry. In our barbershop, you will witness antique styled barber chairs with vintage decor along with art derived from this region.

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