Abathecary Bath & Body Boutique Relocates To Broussard, LA


A locally owned bath & body boutique, called Abathecary, has relocated from Saint Martinville to Broussard at 730 Albertson Parkway.

Abathecary offers bath time enthusiasts all of the bath essentials, luxury bath products, and those fun bath bombs that many seek out. Most of their products, if not all, are made with natural ingredients; nothing that will melt off your skin. The store carries a collection of women’s & men’s specially scented soaps, body washes, and even colognes & perfume. There are even Halloween scented items, as well as many other seasonal scents available throughout the year.

But wait, that’s not all! Haha. The Abathecary sells home & bathroom decor, candles, room sprays, and home accessories. It’s a really nice addition to the Broussard retail landscape if you ask us.

The store opened this past weekend. To see more about Abathecary, check out their website at You can also check out their Facebook page at

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