Local Business

Abandoned building soon to see life.


New life will soon move through the old abandoned Copelands doors. Located next to Chic-Fil-a on Ambassador near the intersection of Robley Drive & Ambassador. This building has stood abandoned for many years. Long enough that new residents here may not know a lick about it.

Lately, though there has been some action and it appears there is new hope. A new Italian restaurant by the name of Fratelli’s Italian Grille is coming soon.

I tried to do some research on the name of this business, but didn’t find anything. For now this is all I have. I do have this photo that Chris B. has sent to me. In the photo you can seen the Chic-Fil-a and part of the old Copelands. There is also a sign out by the road showing the name of the business.

In the meantime, you can spread the word of this new life for an old place.




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