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A Look At The First Completed Tee Tiny House


In early 2017, we shared a new tiny house company out of Arnaudville called, Tee Tiny Houses. The company designs & builds these beautiful little homes for those looking to downsize in some form or fashion. Click (here) to read more about them.

Below, in the FB Live video & photos recorded Friday, January 26th, you can see how the tiny house looks inside & out. The construction of the tiny homes are built with quality craftsmanship and quality materials. The base price for this unit, The Zaunbrecher, is $62,500. The unit in the video & photos is fully loaded & furnished, and priced at about $85,000.

For more information, get in touch with Tee Tiny Houses. facebook.com/TeeTinyHouses

(ICYMI) See FB LIVE video below.

[URIS id=15347]

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