A Fresh Look at Education with Montessori of Acadiana Opening Soon in South Lafayette


Montessori of Acadiana, a new Montessori school is soon to open mid-February at 908 La Neuville Rd. Now before I give you too many specifics about the project, I want to clarify that we aren’t talking about a Monastery school which are religious. Montessori Schools are for the education and development of children.

These schools differ from traditional schools because they follow the specific guidelines of the Montessori Method. The most basic way to explain it is a child-centered, hands-on, self-directed way of learning.

I was welcomed for a tour of the 1,500 sqft building and outdoor area and once I walked into the cozy space, I felt a sense of peace and eagerness to absorb as much information as possible. The natural wood floors, light walls, and large windows were inviting and pleasing to the eye. With over 20 trees planted, a nature-walk in progress, and a large garden to grow food; children are very close to nature so close to the city.

I was lucky also to learn a lesson as a student would with Jen, the owner and main teacher. My curious mind was given a simple task to fit a shape in a hole and use my hands to screw this piece in. I did the task the best way that worked for me which was as simple as screwing in a screw but as Jen observed my work she pointed out my movement was not typical as most I had developed my own system to get the screw in the easiest way possible.

That’s what Montessori is about, it’s hands-on learning that helps children become eager students by discovering the best way that suites them to learn. Children are already curious Montessori of Acadiana helps them grow that curiosity into a lifetime love of learning.

Montessori of Acadiana is still accepting applications for ages 3-6. For more information here’s the link to the school’s website

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