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Development Resources

In following with our mission to inform the community and help new businesses in Acadiana, we are proud to partner with Cox Business to bring you this Development Resources page.
Not only will we provide you with resources for your business, we’re going even further to give you the phone number and person you need to contact.

Starting Up

Getting Exposure

Kicking Butt

Starting Up

Form your business

The first step to starting your business is to form the business entity. You can do this by getting an EIN on the IRS website then filing your new business with the Secretary of State of Louisiana. We also suggest an operating agreement for business partners to govern the internal relations of member. While you can do this yourself, if you have multiple business partners and need an operating agreement or would like some hand holding, reach out to a local attorney who has handled these filings before. At Developing Lafayette, our attorney of choice is Brandon Bradley at Bradley Moreau for all of our business needs.

Brandon Bradley – 337-235-4660

Finding the right location

For most client facing businesses, location is everything. You want to select a location near your potential customers, and also want to make sure you are getting a good price. Commercial Real Estate can be complicated, so it may help to get in contact with a Commercial Real Estate Agent who can walk you through the process. We recommend our friends over at The Gleason Group.

David Gleason – 337-233-9540

Connect to the outside world

Now that you have your business formed and your location picked out, you need to connect it to the outside world. Lucky for you, our partners over at Cox Business are a one stop shop for Internet, Voice over IP, Phone, and even Security Systems.

Joan Dubuisson – 337-456-4305

Hire locally

LEDA (Lafayette Economic Development Authority) has a Virtual Job Fair on their website where you can add a Job listing to find good, qualified employees.

Franchise Opportunities

You know you want to open a business, but what will it be? Owning a franchise is a great way to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Sunbelt Business Brokers of Lafayette, in partnership with the International Franchise Professionals Group, can introduce local aspiring entrepreneurs to hundreds of tried-and-true franchise opportunities in an array of business categories … automotive, building and storage, food and restaurants, hair care and beauty, repair and restoration, retail and many more. Sunbelt can help you identify the best fits for your interests and needs, and connect you with the right franchise representatives to guide you on your journey to successful business ownership. Franchise consultations are free and come with no obligation.

Don Pippin, Jr. – 337-234-7008

Getting Exposure

Get Social!

In today’s age, your business’ digital presence is just as important as it’s physical presence. Be sure to set up a website and a Facebook page so your customers can find you. There are several good resources to help, we like the FREE resource of the social media bootcamp over at the Opportunity Machine.

Destin Ortego – 337-769-4085

Get on Developing Lafayette

Let us give your business exposure and let people know you will be opening. Fill out our contact form to let us know about you! For more exposure and advertising opportunities check out our Ad kit and give us a call.

Developing Lafayette Sales – 337-366-9683

Join the Chamber, have a ribbon cutting!

Let the community know you’re here and you’re open by joining One Acadiana and having a Ribbon Cutting, and networking with others through 1A. One Acadiana, formerly the Lafayette Chamber of Commerce, exists to help cultivate economic growth in the region.

Rhyan Wheeler – 337-408-3675

Advertise on Cox

For any business, any size, Cox Media develops full advertising solutions for businesses reaching ANYONE. ANYWHERE. ANY SCREEN.

Gwen Cook – 337-456-2513

Kicking Butt

Business training and support

There are a lot of resources available to businesses here in Acadiana. One of our favorites is The Opportunity Machine in the LITE Center. They can help you with anything from strategy to sales training and even shared office space.

Zach Barker – 337-769-4085

Propel your business

Want to take your business to the next level and really accelerate its growth? The Community Foundation and Innov8 Acadiana have a program just for you. It’s called Accelerate Acadiana and they can provide you with years’ worth of business growth in a few months’ time.

Pete Prados – 337-739-5850

Selling your business

You’ve created a successful business and have grown it to be something remarkable. But the time has come to part ways with it to retire or start a new chapter. Finding a buyer and selling your business doesn’t have to be hard or frustrating, they have people who specialize in helping you with just that. Just ask our friends over at Sunbelt Business Brokers who can help you through the process from determining your company’s worth to finding a buyer to handling the transaction.

Don Pippin, Jr. – 337-234-7008

Other Helpful Resources

– Looking to move your business to Lafayette. Great choice! Reach out to the Lafayette Economic Development Authority for the resources to help you with the data needed to help you make your decision.

– The Louisiana Small Business Development Center is a free resource that can help you get funding and help starting your new business.

– Russo is a local branding and communications firm that could help with your overall look. You don't want to have your neighbors kids friends designing your logo just because it's cheap.

Pixus Digital Printing
– After you have a great brand identity or logo, then you'll need a sign or some printed marketing collateral. This will help in establishing your presence in the community.