About Developing Lafayette

I would like to thank everyone that has helped make Developing Lafayette what it is today!

Developing Lafayette was born out of curiosity, plain and simple. There is a new building coming up next door… there is no sign, no information that you can find as a typical citizen. You obviously want to know what is being built there and every time you pass by it on the way to and from work there still seems to be no sign or information. That same curiosity was going through my mind while sitting in Olive Garden with my family and out of the window we see a good bit of construction going on in the open lot across the way. We all asked each other what do you think is being built there? We start throwing out random answers as to what it could be. Most of us figured, “ah, it’s probably just another car dealership”, since Johnston St. is filled with those. As time went by and we kept passing by the developing location we noticed that it was some type of restaurant. By this time we are all going crazy trying to figure out what it could be. About a week or so later a sign was put up display the business that is building there and it happened to be what we all know now is Cheddar’s Casual Cafe. From that point I thought of this concept to share through social networks the sign of the business to let everyone else know also. It started gaining interest as others had their own question about location being built in other parts of the Acadiana area. Now with over 20,000 followers Developing Lafayette is still aiming to find out what the next developing location will be.